4)  How long is each semester? - Each school calendar year will be 45 weeks long, broken into 3 semesters of 15-weeks each.  Each grade level will take 4 semesters to complete.  Please see the School Schedule page for detailed information on dates and holidays that the school will observe.

5) When can my child begin studies? - New students must complete an individual assessment to determine the appropriate grade level.  Once this assessment has been completed, the student may begin with the start of the next semester.   Please see the School Schedule page for detailed information on dates for each semester.

6)  What are the payment terms? - For the semester beginning September 2017, payment in full is required prior to the start of the semester.  Invoices for the tuition will be sent approximately 30-days prior to the start of each semester.  Payments will be accepted via PayPal. 

7)  How many students will be in each class? - There will be a maximum of 3 students per class. This smaller class size will allow more interaction with each student.

8)  How can I find out what Class Times are Available? – Class times and the number of spaces that are open can be found on the Classroom Link of the School Website.  The Grade is listed as G1, G2 or G3.  Language Arts will be listed as "S", followed by the semester (example G2-1 S3 is Grade 2, Language Arts, Semester 3).  Comprehension and Writing classes will be listed as "C" (example G2-1 C3), and Conversation Classes will be listed as "V" (example G2-1 V3).

9)  Will the classes be recorded? - Yes, all classes will be recorded and available to the students.

10)  What is the absence policy for students? - Each child will be offered one make-up session per semester provided that a 24-hour advance notice is given. Otherwise the class is forfeited. If two children request the day off, the class will be cancelled and rescheduled. Additionally, all classes will be recorded, so if a session is missed, a recording of the class can be provided so that the material can be reviewed.

Questions and Answers:

1)   What subjects are offered and what grades will be taught? - I will be teaching Reading, Comprehension, Writing, Phonics and Grammar for grades 1, 2 and 3.  Other grades or subjects could potentially be added in the future, subject to demand.

2)   Who will teach the classes? – All classes will be taught by highly qualified, carefully selected, native American speaking teachers.  See About Us for information on the individual teachers.

3)   What course material will you be using? – The school will be using the highly acclaimed McGraw-Hill Wonders curriculum which is the same material as other online English schools are now beginning to use. Click on the icon below to preview some of the material for Second Grade: